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  • Edmolift Pallet lifter

    TSL 1002 with fixed forks can lift pallets of maximum 1500kg up to maximum height of 980mm.

  • Edmolift ridicare inclinare paleti

    TSLN 1002 EdmoLift lift and tilt pallets loaded with products

  • Edmolift ridicator paleti

    TSLN 1002 EdmoLift can lift pallets of products from the floor.

  • Edmolift pallet lifter

    TSLN 1002 EdmoLift into a production facility.

Lift solutions can find at EdmoLift AB !

  • EdmoLift’s Pallet Lift handles materials to working heights of up to 980 mm. The pallet lift has clear leg and foot space on three sides which gives superior access and makes working simpler and more efficient. With our accessory, ”transport trolley”, the pallet lifter is made mobile. This offers two very practical advantages. Firstly, it can be easily moved out of the way for tidying-up and cleaning purposes. Secondly, it can serve more than one working area which makes the investment even more worthwhile and cost effective.
  • A pallet or container can be placed directly onto the pallet lifter with a hand pallet truck or forklift truck. TSL models have a minimum height of 70 mm and the TSE model just 10 mm. The pallet lifter type TSLN has a variable speed tilting function and can be tilted 40° to the left or the right. This makes the operators job easier as an ”ergonomic window” is created, taking away the need for the operator to bend around and stretch to see past obstructions, as well as providing an excellent general view of the load.
  • TSL and TSLN are equipped with a T-shaped base frame for optimal working ergonomics. With nothing in the way of the operator’s feet on three sides, it enables him/her to get nearer to the material during loading and unloading. With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 1000 kilos and 1500 kilos and possibilities for unique tailor-made solutions for our customers, we can offer a very large selection with greater flexibility leading to an optimal solution.
  • At EdmoLift you can find solutions for all your lifting problems.
  • Product features
  • Load capacity max 1500 kg.
  • Tailor-made for customers – custom-build forks are offered on request.
  • Good access on three sides.
  • High lifting height – 980 mm.
  • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 – CE certified.
  • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman’s switch.
  • IP54 approved electrical system.
  • Overload protection.
  • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all sides of the forks.
  • Pallet lifts are equipped with hose burst valves.
  • TSL/TSE do not include mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
  • PLC control for easy adaptation of particular requirements.
  • User manual in 20 different languages
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