Swedish quality !
  • EdmoLift AB factory from Härnösand Sweden

    EdmoLift AB factory from Härnösand Sweden

  • Torbjörn Edmo founder EdmoLift AB

    EdmoLift was established by the Swedish engineer Torbjörn Edmo in the year 1964

  • Anders Wahlqvist, CEO EdmoLift AB Sweden

    Anders Wahlqvist, CEO EdmoLift AB

  • EdmoLift AB leaders

    EdmoLift AB leadership

  • EdmoLift lift table 100000

    Hydraulic Table EdmoLift nr.100,000 in December 2009.

  • EdmoLift 50 years anniversary party

    2014 EdmoLift's 50 years anniversary. Anders Wahlqvist -CEO and Thomas Edmo congratulates Torbjörn Edmo -founder of EdmoLift AB.

  • EdmoLift Quality Control Manager Jan Eriksson.

    Quality Control Manager Jan Eriksson shows some of the certificates obtained by the EdmoLift AB Sweden.

  • Design EdmoLift AB

    The Design Office, the first step in the chain of manufacturing at EdmoLift AB Sweden.

  • Swedish steel profiles at EdmoLift AB

    Swedish steel profiles in the warehouse of raw materials EdmoLift.

  • Magazia pentru paleti Pallet Buddy EdmoLift AB

    The new EdmoLift Pallet Buddy in the EdmoLift AB warehouse.

  • Peter Englund Production Manager EdmoLift AB

    Peter Englund is the new Production Manager at EdmoLift AB since 1 september 2017.

  • Laser cutting machine Signe at EdmoLift AB

    Laser cutting machine "Signe" ensures high precision and minimal loss of materials.

  • presa tabla la fabrica EdmoLift

    Ursviken Optiflex Press Brakes work with exceptional accuracy at Edmolift AB Sweden.

  • Ursviken Optiflex Press Brakes at Edmolift AB Sweden

    Ursviken Optiflex Press Brakes in operation at Edmolift AB Sweden.

  • Welding robot Fritz at EdmoLift

    Our new welding robot "Fritz" is in operation at EdmoLift AB.

  • Manual welding at EdmoLift AB

    The work of the robot is complemented by manual welding.

  • Edmolift painting line

    CEO Anders Wahlqvist speaks at the inauguration of the new painting line.

  • Edmolift AB painting line

    Powder Coating provides increased strength to corrosion of the products EdmoLift AB.

  • Assembling the scissor lift table EdmoLift

    Assembling the scissor lift table EdmoLift.

  • Assembling the scissor lift table EdmoLift

    Manual assembly ensures high quality of brand EdmoLift

  • Assembling the safety valves Edmolift

    Highly qualified workers assembling with great care the safety valves.

  • Edmolift senior professionals

    The senior highly skilled professionals ensure the exceptional quality of the EdmoLift products.

  • EdmoLift AB Sweden

    EdmoLift AB Sweden.

  • Assembling EdmoLift AB Suedia

    EdmoLift AB lift tables assembling.

  • Carina Norlinder defibrilator EdmoLift AB

    The care for the workers' health is a necessary condition for a high productivity. Carina Norlinder shows one of the defibrillators installed in the factory EdmoLift AB Sweden.

  • EdmoLift AB workers

    CEO Anders Wahlqvist and design manager Hans Vikström respect for EdmoLift AB workers.

  • Lift table TT3000 EdmoLift AB Sweden

    Two lift tables EdmoLift TT 3000 rushing for their home for Christmas 2017

  • Lift tables EdmoLift AB Sweden

    A major order for Chile being assembled at EdmoLift AB.

  • lift table TS2001 EdmoLift AB Härnösand Sweden

    12 pcs lift tables TS2001 for Russia at EdmoLift AB Härnösand Sweden.

  • Lift table TT3000 EdmoLift AB Sweden

    A batch of TT 3000 being assembled at EdmoLift AB Sweden.

  • 17 pcs customized lift tables Edmolift TR 1002 getting ready for Volkswagen

    17 pcs customized lift tables Edmolift TR 1002 getting ready for Volkswagen. Decembrie 14, 2016.

  • workshop prototype testing Edmolift

    Workshop prototype testing; during testing the table carries more weight than it is built to handle, 8000 lift cycles so far and still going!

  • Quality control EdmoLift AB.

    Quality control at EdmoLift AB.

  • Packed Edmolift products

    EdmoLift products are packed with great care.

  • Mathias Hennig warehouse manager EdmoLift

    Mathias Hennig warehouse manager EdmoLift checks the product packaging before delivery.

  • EdmoLift

    2x CUB1000 for Romania

  • Warehouse EdmoLift


  • Schenker EdmoLift

    EdmoLift AB products ordered in Romania are transported safely with trucks DB Schenker.

  • Platforma ridicatoare EdmoLift capacitate 25 tone.

    This lift table with 25 tonnes capacity can be found in Hitachi excavators factory in Russia.

  • 3 bucati mese ridicatoare hidraulice EdmoLift cu ridicare sincronizata.

    EdmoLift AB has installed two groups of three lift tables TL1000 that can be synchronously operated at Norrlands Trä din Härnösand Sweden.

  • Platforme ridicatoare EdmoLift TB5000 si TBH10000 pentru reparatii boghiuri vagoane si locomotive.

    Maintenance the axles of high - speed train TGV is done with EdmoLift lift tables TB5000 and TBH 10000 at SNCF service station in Brieve-la-Gaillarde.

  • ALT3000 EdmoLift la Volvo.

    EdmoLift AB has delivered 32 armlifts ALT3000 at Volvo Personvagnar Karosskomponenter factory in Olofström Sweden.

  • EdmoLift & BiltLift

    EdmoLift AB partners meet at LogiMat Stuttgart 2019

EdmoLift supplies the World with lifting solutions!

  • EdmoLift is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of scissor lift tables, pallet handling products and material handling aids. Our products have been successfully installed into companies of all sizes, in all industrial sectors including manufacturing, packaging, processing, healthcare and research for 50 years!
  • The company was established 1964 by the engineer Torbjörn Edmo and is located in Sweden. EdmoLift operates from modern facilities incorporating our manufacturing, servicing, R&D and sales departments together with extensive warehousing facilities. Sales offices are spread across Europe and distributors can be found all around the world - including Romania -. Our skilled team of personnel can provide fast responses in order to achieve the best ergonomic solution for your lifting and handling needs.
  • Our products
  • We have more than 150 standard models in our product range with capacities ranging from 65 kg up to 30 000 kg. Many solutions are custom-built, according to our customers needs.
  • At EdmoLift, developing new products and improving existing models, is an important part of the daily work. We have products that are absolutely unique and have approved worldwide patent for their design and constructions.
  • Almost all of our products are manufactured at our facility in Härnösand, Sweden.
  • All machines are CE-Marked and comply with European Norms and Standards, for example the lift table standard EN 1570-1.
  • The spare parts for all standard models are kept in stock for the same day despatch.
  • Large in-house lift table stock for immediate delivery.
  • Numerous options such as turntables, load flaps, bellows, handrails and roller conveyor are available for our lift tables and lift trolleys to meet our customers every requirement.
  • Equipment can be custom-built to suit the customer’s application.
  • The products in our T and C-series
  • Models that start with the letter T are T-series products; models starting with C are C-series products.
  • The lift tables in our T-series - including electric- and hydraulic systems - are completely manufactured in Sweden and of the absolute best EdmoLift quality. For example almost all models in our T-series are constructed with cold finished rectangular profile scissor arms to provide the absolute best lateral stability. The T-series models can be customized to suit your needs and requirements and are ideal for use in intensive and demanding operational conditions; T-series have a broad range of accessories.
  • The C-series are our affordable range of scissor lifts; the mechanical parts products are manufactured in China according to our designs, but assembled and controlled at our facility in Sweden. The products are also equipped with our Swedish electric- and hydraulic systems. The models in our C-series can’t be customized but can be equipped with a range of accessories.

EdmoLift Tables Lift your Profits in Romania !

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