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  • Edmolift AIR work platform

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  • AIR Work platform

    With AIR EdmoLift your office maintenance is a breeze

  • AIR EdmoLift

    AIR EdmoLift has access in difficult places

  • AIR EdmoLift AB

    Can be moved easily in the corridors

  • AIR EdmoLift Sweden

    Dimensioned for regular doors

  • Edmolift  AIR

    AIR EdmoLift fits easily in elevators

AIR – Safe and secure working at height !

  • AIR is a compact highly mobile aerial work platform that is designed to compliment its operating environment.
  • AIR works efficiently for virtually all internal overhead applications; allows access through standard commercial doorways, navigates with ease in tight spaces and elevates a person plus load to reach heights of up to five meters.
  • AIR eliminates the risks associated with working from ladders, steps and scaffold towers and is ideally suited to public access environments like hospitals, retailers and offices.
  • Product features:
  • Easy to use, safe, stable, compact
  • Low step in height for easy cage entry
  • Fits through standard commercial doorway
  • Auto-close swing gate entry
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Up to 180 kg capacity, equivalent to 1 person + 100 kg tools and materials
  • Exceptional lifting height
  • Non-slip platform
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Clean, modern design compliments your the environment.
  • Main switch with lock
  • Self-drive and push-a-round models
  • Self-drive model AIR 2950mA has electric brake/lock function when not driving.
  • Push-a-round model AIR 2950PA is moved by the operator at floor level.
  • Material tray
  • Product information
  • Model: 86710-AIR 2950PA(push-a-round) and 86700-AIR 2950MA(self-driven)
  • Maximum capacity: 180kg (1 person + 100 kg tools and materials)
  • Total height lowered: 1572mm
  • Total height elevated: 4120mm
  • Platform height elevated: 2950mm
  • Maximum working height: 4950mm
  • Length: 1165mm, Width: 780mm
  • Batteries: 2x12V/75Ah
  • Self weight: 300kg/320kg
  • AIR is intended for internal use, zero wind speed, zero inclines or declines.
  • AIR is constructed and manufactured according to the standards ss-en280+A2:2009 and ss-en1495+A2:2009/Ac:2010.
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